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Do something special this Valentines day, before its too late! 

Airport Explosion            

An anonymous caller has revealed that the International Airport Terminal building is under an imminent  bomb threat. You have been detained for questioning and are the prime suspects, based on detailed descriptions by our informants.

You have no other choice but to prove your innocence by defusing the threat and getting out alive, before the airport building and everyone in it, is blown away into tiny sub-atomic particles. The clock is ticking and so is the bomb, be quick or be dead! 2 to 6 players.




The Antidote                  

The human population is being decimated by a deadly strain of a new and previously unheard of viral infection.

There are only a few pockets of survivors left around the planet.

There is an antidote, which is located at a deserted WHO lab, where everyone has been wiped out by the infection. The lab has long since been quarantined and is out of bounds for most sane humans on the planet.

But if you are insane enough to try and attempt a last ditch effort to save the human race and civilisation as we know it, then this is your chance. Enter at your own peril and exit without being infected! 2 to 6 players.

Graveyard shift               

The hour is 00.00 and if you dare to enter the world of the living dead, then do so at your own risk.

You have been warned and warned again, to stay away from the souls of the undead, and once you enter, there is no turning back. You have invoked the wrath of the demon monsters that inhabit this time of the night. 

Will you escape with your own soul intact and live to fight another day?!

Or will you become a part of it?

Only time will tell! 5 to 10 players.

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