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Frequently......and not so frequently asked Questions

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How do I book an Escape Room?

Please book your Escape Room on our website by clicking on the Book Now button.

Pick your Escape Room, number of participants, Your Date and time, and enter your details.


How early should I arrive for my game?

Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your game start time. Games will begin exactly at their start times and being late might cause you to have less than 45 minutes to play.


Is there an age requirement to play these games?

There is no age limit.Players that are 14 and under must be accompanied by a guardian . That being said, we frequently have families come with one or two younger kids or even a group outing, and needless to say they have a blast.


Is there a min/max number of players that are allowed to play?

We recommend a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 6 players in our Escape Rooms. For larger groups and corporate events, please contact us for corporate pricing and options. 


How long is each Escape Adventure?

You are allotted 45 minutes to try and escape from the room.


Am I allowed to carry my cell phone into the Escape Room?

Cell phones are not allowed in any of our rooms.  The use of electronic devices or any outside tools are strictly prohibited and you will be asked to leave if you attempt to use them.


Can I be refused entry?

We reserve the right to refuse entry to any group or individual, at our own discretion.

Unruly behaviour, rudeness, staff abuse, intoxication, destruction of property and any similar behaviour will not be tolerated.


What should I bring with me?

All the answers to the clues, riddles and puzzles can be found in the room.  You will need to use your ability to look for clues, figure out logic, communicate with your teammates and apply deductive reasoning to escape. You are going to have to work quickly, so don’t stop using that grey matter until you have reached the end.


Do we inform you about rescheduling?

Emailing or calling and speaking with one us 48 hours prior to your scheduled booking will ensure that you are able to successfully reschedule for a more convenient time or day.

Are cancellations and no shows refundable?

Once you have booked a room, we reserve a spot for you. So no one else is able to book it. We therefore do not offer any refunds for rooms that are cancelled or to individuals that do not attend.

How do I book using a Voucher?

Vouchers need to be booked in at least 30 Hours prior to the date and time that you are looking to attend your event.  As we need this time to validate your voucher. Call or book online.


How can I make an online payment for a booking, do I require a paypal account?

Payment can be made via our website, once you have selected your booking details. You do not require a paypal account in order to make payment. You can make payment online by credit card.



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